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Monday, January 17, 2011
Keep Your Ride Clean thru the Winter Months with these Optimum Winter Wash Kits
Keep your car glowing through the dull, cold winter with our Optimum Winter Wash Kits.
The winter is tough on you and your vehicle.
Cold weather makes conventional car washing unbearable at best and damaging to your vehicle at worst.
Corrosive sodium and magnesium chloride (“road salt”) can reek havoc on your paint, wheels, uncoated metals, and seals!
Brake dust, if not cleaned regularly, can damage the painted coating on your wheel’s finish.
Drive thru and coin operated car washes have long been the alternative but harsh cleaning chemicals and dirty brushes can cause just as much damage!
With Proper Auto Care’s new Optimum Winter Wash Kits it is now possible to safely clean and protect your paint in the comfort of your garage.

The Optimum Winter Wash Kit Includes:

Optimum No-Rinse Wash and Shine - Optimum’s No-Rinse Wash and Shine (ONR) is a super advanced wash solution that utilizes polymers to encapsulate and remove road grime and corrosive salt with out scratching or dulling the paint finish. Instead of stripping the wax coating like a harsh detergent, No-Rinse’s polymer rinse actually replenishes the wax coating by laying down it’s own synthetic wax protection. Clean and protect in one easy step with out getting sprayed by the frigid water running out of your hose while standing outside.

Optimum Opti-Mitt - was designed specifically by Optimum founder Dr. David Ghoudassi to work in conjunction with Optimum No-Rinse Wash and Shine. The high density foam and waffle design remove dirt easily while holding the ideal amount of solution to prevent marking and swirl marks.

Two Big Blue III Waffle Weave Drying Towels - A direct descendant of our famous Big Blue (The world’s first waffle weave drying towel) the Big Blue III has amazing absorbency and will dry your automobile in record time and keep you out of the cold!

Optimum Winter Wash Kits are available with either an ONR 8oz bottle (OWWK-8), or ONR 32oz bottle (OWWK-32). So, don't let the winter months keep you from keeping ride clean and shining like a jewel.
Pick up one of these kits and baby your baby!

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