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Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Car Care Dogs!
When we founded this company over 21 years ago, it was out of a personal quest to find the best car care products available.
We made an issue of personally testing and evaluating every product we could find.
When we found a product that really offered superior results, we decided to share our findings with fellow enthusiasts.
This was the birth of Proper Auto Care.

Today, it's in vogue for websites to claim they evaluate the products they offer.
Frankly, that's mostly hype. Last month, one of our suppliers introduced a new car wash shampoo.
Within days, this shampoo was on many websites with glowing accolades describing the shampoo's outstanding performance.
When we received this company's press release introducing this new car wash, we ordered a bottle for evaluation.
It was evaluated by one of our staff and he reported his results in a Friday morning product roundtable.
I should disclose here that Jan and I can no longer test every product that comes in for evaluation. There's just too many of them.
We have a system in place where various staff members test new products and report their findings at a weekly meeting.

This shampoo was evaluated by Jack Kruer, our Vice President. Jack felt the product was a dud.
The suds evaporated in the bucket after washing the first wheel and he felt the shampoo's cleaning ability was wimpy at best.
When a product gets a bad grade, we always have someone else test the product just to double check the findings.
In this case, I agreed to use the shampoo. This product was from a well respected supplier, had fresh packaging and was being offered at an attractive price.
I did use the shampoo a few days later and confirmed Jack's initial opinion.
I'm sorry but this shampoo was a dog. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, at any price.
At our next product meeting, we agreed not to carry this shampoo.
In time, three weeks had gone by since we first received the press release announcing this new product.
This is one reason we don't immediately jump on the bandwagon and blindly offer every new product that comes to market.

In another example, last summer we received an impressive presentation portfolio for a new car care line out of California.
The line looked fantastic and we requested samples for evaluation. When the samples arrived we tested every product.
We were honestly disappointed. The formulas reminded us of 1980's car care technology.
These products worked but were, in our opinion, sadly behind current technology.
We elected not to offer this line but we do see it on more and more websites.

We've all been burned by purchasing products that don't live up their claims.
We do our best to honestly represent every product we offer.
We really appreciate that you trust our reviews and evaluations and we are not going to change our business plan and become a supermarket for every new product that comes along.
We also recognize that we can't please everyone.
You may try a product we like and have a different opinion.
If that happens, please feel free to return the product, even if it's half empty, and we'll refund the full purchase price.

Thanks for your continued trust!

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