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Thursday, December 11, 2008
How to stop wiper blade skipping, chattering and smearing
Chattering, skipping and smearing wiper blades are annoying and can be a safety hazard. This condition can be caused by aged and/or dried-out wiper blades or by films on the glass. Inspect your wiper blades. If they are hard, brittle or cracked, replace them.

If your wiper blades appear soft and pliable yet still skip and chatter we recommend trying a wiper lubricant like 303 Wiper Treatment . This is an excellent penetrating lubricant that coats the natural rubber used in wiper blades and makes them glide like new. If you live in a southern climate, I recommend applying 303 Wiper Treatment once a month to retard wiper blade aging.

If your wiper blades appear to be pliable and you've tried 303 WiperTreatment yet the blades still chatter and skip, a remainingcause can be a film or contamination on the glass. Normally, detailing clay is used to remove contaminatnts from painted bodywork on a vehicle. However, it can also be used to remove contaminants from glass.

How to test for contamination on the glass:

Wash, rinse and dry the windshield to remove any loose sand and dirt. Place your hand inside a plastic sandwich bag and lightly run your fingertips over the glass. It should be completely smooth. If your windshield has a rough, gritty or pebble-like texture, it indicates the presence of some form of contamination. Glass cleaners and consumer glass polishes can not remove this contamination but it can be remove with a clay bar such as BLACKFIRE PolyClay II and a clay lubricant .


Here's the procedure:

Work on one half of the windshield at a time. Form your clay bar into a patty and mist it once with clay lubricant. Mist lubricant on one half of the windshield.

Glide the clay bar across the lubricated area until the surface is smooth and bar slides freely. When the bar glides freely, wipe the surface with a clean Microfiber cloth. If residues resist easy buffing, mist the cleaned area with clay lubricant and wipe dry.

Pull, stretch and refold the bar to create a fresh, clean patty. Mist the bar again with lubricant and mist the second half of the windscreen. Repeat the above procedure on the second half of the windscreen. When you're finished, mist the bar again with lubricant and store in a plastic bag.

NOTE: Clay bars will remove contamination on the glass but will not remove pits and scratches in the glass.

All that is left to do now is clean the glass with a quality class cleaner such as Eimann Fabrik Clear Vision II or Rain Clear Glass Cleaner and Repellent .
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